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Conservatory Design

Conservatory Design

Our design philosophy centers on the notion that a well designed conservatory or atrium is going to add many benefits to a home.

These are an added living space, a wonderful way to bring solar gain into the whole home and a way to enjoy the outdoor environment without the discomfort of wind and rain.

The Lighthouse System refers to our unique design and assembly method which provides an extremely strong joint between all the structural members of the conservatory. Add to this our dedicated attention to the aesthetic details of the finished product and you have an addition that will provide many many years of value and enjoyment.

A report by Associate Professor John Todd, then Head of the Geography and Environmental Studies Department at the University of Tasmania states that “ a 2.5m x 4m sunspace will contribute almost 70% of typical heating needs at reasonable cost”.

He goes on to say that “there is more to this than simply installing a heater. The sunspace increases the day-time living area of the home...and if done aesthetically it would add to the capital value of the home.”

Lighthouse fully supports these statements by Professor Todd and is committed to designing the most appropriate conservatory, atrium or sunspace for each unique situation.

... and we build ...


We have over 30 years experience working with glass and because of this we believe that our understanding of the particular requirements of overhead glazing will provide you with the best product available.

The same team that designs your new addition will also be involved in building it.

We construct the conservatory using a combination of steel for the main 'bones' of the building, timber for the structural members such as rafters and internally visible finishing elements and powder-coated aluminium and glass as the maintenance free 'skin'.

Unlike other glazing companies, we offer a complete design and build package, thus ensuring you a cohesive product.

This factor also saves you money.

Conservatory Design

... and supply

Conservatory Design

We recognise that not all situations in building are alike.

For this reason we also offer a range of possible supplies.

We can do the design work for others to build.

We can build to your design and we can also simply supply any elements of the conservatory, from the structural elements to glass panels.

We also offer to supply glass for owner builders at competative rates.

Please ask us for a quote.

Conservatory Design

Our story

Our aim is to design and construct the best possible passive solar space for your new or existing home.

We offer a complete service which can take you from initial discussions through to final construction. This includes the preliminary stages of design consultation and council approvals.

Our team includes an accredited Building Designer and Builder and a qualified surveyor with drafting and council planning qualifications.  This means that you can reduce the expense of engaging a designer or architect. 

Our experience can guide you in your selection of glazing to best suit your requirements.
Our product offers the warmth and beauty of Tasmanian hardwood internally, whilst providing a maintenance free powder-coated  glazing system externally.

We are an accredited Tasmanian Builder and are also a member of the Master Builders Association of Tasmania.

In brief, these are the main points to consider:

  • Increase comfortable living space
  • Reduce heating bills and carbon footprint
  • Complete design and construct service
  • Design and build to your budget
  • We stand by our work
  • Accredited MBA member

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Conservatory Design

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